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Found this gem from when rumble was first introduced (and before I knew how to take a screenshot)

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  • WhatsAHesperToDo
    8th October 2019

    Dad jokes so ~~bad~~ good the man left the match

  • T0K0mon
    8th October 2019

    He loves the ball so much he wants to marry it

  • scottopotto
    8th October 2019

    Warlocks masterrace

  • TheDankestApple
    8th October 2019

    You deserved that win

  • thgdfthr
    8th October 2019

    Jackmerius Tacktheratrix, Michigan State University

  • jimmycarr1
    8th October 2019

    I froze the ball on the opponents goal line recently and stole the goal from my teammate lol. It didn’t get plungered or anything, it must have just been perfect timing.

  • PittleLeniss
    8th October 2019


  • BlueRajasmyk2
    8th October 2019

    For anyone curious, it’s a Rumble bug. I’ve seen it happen in ~~two~~ three cases

    1. (extremely common) If you freeze it shortly _after_ someone uses plunger, while the plunger is still in effect, the ball will drop straight down and begin rolling _very slowly_ in the direction of the plunger. Note that the plunger continues to be in effect for a short period after the visual effect has disappeared.

    This bug really sucks because it makes freeze a poor counter to plunger, making plunger stronger than it already is.

    2. (uncommon) If you graze the ball with your wheel, without hitting it with your car’s hitbox at all, the ball will drop straight down.

    3. (uncommon) If someone is demoed near a frozen ball, it will drop straight down

  • evetrixX
    8th October 2019

    I love people

  • Bigcubefan
    8th October 2019

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the joke at all.

  • SuperCx
    8th October 2019


  • dadelphilip
    8th October 2019

    I dont get it?

  • Knightcapt
    8th October 2019

    That was glorious

  • lilnicfiend
    8th October 2019

    They really do need to fix some stuff in rumble tho

  • AlphaWolf56
    8th October 2019

    This is great, I like this

  • Fiepp
    8th October 2019

    Can someone explain the joke? 🙂

  • CannabisGardener
    8th October 2019

    I played with a gunslinger last night

  • bradyo2
    8th October 2019

    I don’t get this at all, and yeah I understand it’s a play on the “why did the chicken cross the road” thing, I just don’t get why a rocket league version of that is particularly funny. Am I missing something?

  • wisdomsharerv2
    8th October 2019

    That joke was so good the guy left the match and went back to Team Fortress 2

  • skurt215
    8th October 2019

    Dad joke 10/10 take my upvote

  • RollickingRoy
    8th October 2019

    Photographs are more genuine anyway

  • zlarlol
    8th October 2019

    I laughed at this for way too long. Brilliant.

  • Chr15py0696
    8th October 2019

    Love the ball so much I wanna marry it

  • ImmortalAsshole656
    9th October 2019


  • kev0987
    9th October 2019

    *Gunslinger left the match*

  • 69_420_360_noscope
    9th October 2019

    Most likely magnet

  • JAYCEE--
    9th October 2019

    He didn’t leave by choice. The server booted him.

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