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(Image credit: Blizzard)

A new Overwatch image has leaked ahead of Blizzcon 2019, and once again it attributes long-rumored 32nd leading man Echo. The image was exhumed from Blizzard merchandise retailer by fans within the MMO Champion discussion board (via Polygon), however the original has considering been removed.

This is why above, it attributes some familiar confronts alongside Echo. Typically the hero has been stopping around the Overwatch lore-verse for a while now, even though many have taken latest leaks as facts that she’ll possibly be coming to the current PvP game soon, the foundation of this week’s Overwatch 2 leaks possesses reported that it’s “likely untrue“. 

It seems more probable then, that Echo will factor straight into Overwatch 2, which will reportedly have PvE story missions reminiscent of Still left 4 Dead. Furthermore mode there will be the new Push method. These are still rumors (you can read information on those rumors here), but it’s not extended until Blizzcon today: it kicks off this specific Friday, November 1.