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Comments (35)

  1. ripper with the old hitbox was always devastating

  2. ILikeCodeOrSomething

    Eh, I was shot by cops after stealing like 17 cars, but the Merc… The Merc is inevitable.

  3. And nearly 7 times in a match because they still want to chase the demo achievement

  4. party_in_my_head

    Never trust a guy with a van

  5. Could be worse, could be Scarab

  6. u/ashton1171

  7. LordHeadassV1

    You hate to see it

  8. SymphonyInPeril

    I saw this thread and immediately thought to myself, “Car crash, because I got demo’d as fuck in RL” lol

  9. Merc players have the ability to give any other players Rocket League Ptsd

  10. I commented something similar haha

  11. killed by dark elves in a norse realm

  12. Chicken

  13. A creeper

  14. ICallEveryoneBabe

    Last game I played was Gears 5 so I’m assuming I’d be beaten to death with my own arm for 3 minutes while a few other guys kick me.

  15. saint_davidsonian

    Sims – my sim died of a heart attack while fishing. Not the worst way to go I suppose.

  16. A bunch of physical immune ghosts would corner me in the Arcane Sanctuary and merk me while I tried to escape

  17. DreadedPopsicle

    Maybe it’s just me, but I get really nervous when someone is unironically using a Merc in competitive. They’re dangerous man.

  18. Got stuck and had to type /kill in console… How did I die? What would my answer to the question be? Like even a heart attack isn’t that instant of a death…

  19. It’s funny how everybody trash talk on Merc being than it has the exact same hitbox as the octane lol

  20. last video game i played was friday the 13th great game for ps4 btw anyways I wouldve been chocked And had a hand go right through my chest

  21. Getting bombarded by katagawa ball on borderlands 3

  22. Stepping on a land mine at a military base

  23. yhorm-the-shagger

    God i was last eaten by a Giga in Ark. I’ll take the Merc demo any day haha

  24. Kvas_HardBass


  25. In lava

  26. I walked into fire.

  27. lSuperturtlel

    I one got 4 executioners in one 4v4 match running a merc. Granted I was killing more than hitting the ball but hey thats 4v4 for ya

  28. Reach for my neck tie that’s attached to a moving ceiling fan, miss and get struck in the arm, die of heart attack.

  29. FreezingPyro36

    Fucking spawnpeeked by a lvl 300 doc main

  30. danielwilliford11

    Mine would be disconnecting from, the world I guess?

  31. Ran into a stupid tree on a stupid horse after being chased by stupid trolls on RDR2 lol

  32. Stomped to death by a Virginia.

  33. Bunkerthrower19

    Exploding flying jellyfish in a world of bugs

  34. as a Merc main who likes to demo, I’m sorry.

  35. Blown up by a fucking creeper

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