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stop forfeiting

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  1. Happens in Champ as well. You won’t find no promised land here.

  2. I hear you man. How easily people give up is beyond me.

  3. clockwork-pinkie

    When it happens in quick play and the bot scores right at kickoff. Fun times.

  4. captainmo017

    *a small bump in the road appears*

    “Well, might as well give up. Clearly can’t win now. All is lost.”

  5. Just stay:

    * Best case scenario: you win the match

    * Worst case scenario: you learn from it

  6. I don’t understand what’s the deal with this? Why is it literally auto forfeit after 1-2 goals. Nobody has any patience and its killing the game

  7. I feel like everyone likes to think their rank is the worst. But Diamond truly is cancer.

    I find in normal lobbies I almost never get people who are toxic for no reason. If someone is toxic it’s because easy goals were given up or maybe you whiffed a few too many times or something.

    But if someone on the other team is just stupidly toxic. Like for no reason. Talking shit, whether winning or losing I can bet money that it’s gonna be one of those match ups where GCs or C3’s bring their diamond friend into ranked.

    Same with unranked, Ill be messing around, obviously not tryharding. Other team is sweating and scores and spams what a save, “nice title where’d you buy it?” “Season 9 mustve been so easy” etc etc. I’ll look at their rocket league tracker and I GUARANTEE 100% of the time they’re low diamond.

  8. MetalFreakalobe

    Legit won a game earlier because the enemy team scored a goal to make it 2-2, then ff’ed? So random.

  9. But when it’s 5-1 with 1:40 left and you’re teammate hasn’t done anything all game…if you’re the teammate just put aside your ego and ff😂plot twist I’m the “teammate”

  10. Can’t forfeit because me and my duo partner take shots if we’re brazil-ed. Have to see how the score turns out

  11. and then there’s that one kid that says “what a save” after them whiffing several times

  12. Me and my mate have a rule, if they are 5 goals ahead, that’s a forfeit. We have come back from plenty over games where we were 3 or 4 goals down, you just have to actually play to be in with a chance.

  13. billyspleen13

    Imagine someone just giving up after one goal or touchdown in any other sport.

  14. thought id share with you guys an experience i just had in ranked doubles where i got my own back on one of these people. the score was 2-0 at around 3 minutes left and my teammate decided to stop playing (and score an own goal making it 3-0) he stayed in the game afk and i managed to get 2 goals back but we still lost. however, in my next game the same guy was on the opposite team. this time it got to 1-0 and my teammate (a different person) just left immediately. the other guys teammate was like “i hate when that happens” and the guy from my previous game proceeded to say “yea don’t blame him though this guy made me forfeit last game too”. his teammate then got mad at him and i managed to score a couple goals while they were arguing. they eventually started playing properly again but in the end i won 4-3 in overtime. needless to say the guy was not happy at all but it was nice to see him get some karma


    Yeah Diamond is a pity party. I’m high plat/low diamond in most game types. Teammate scores one or two goals then bitches about how you didn’t do enough, your two assists weren’t enough, etc. Bunch of whiny pussies. I just wanna play to have fun. I turn chat off from time to time and it’s better and worse in a way. It’s nice communicating with a good/cool teammate but that’s typically the anomaly

  16. _WhitestMexican_

    As a player who solo ques, sometimes you just read how your opponents/team mates are playing and can just kinda predict how the games gunna turn out…

  17. Will never understand this, literally have came back from 4-0 down to winning 6-4, use the game time to learn how your opponent plays and adapt, games not over till it’s over

  18. computer_whisperer

    But if you leave then you can continue to blame your teammates and keep being help back from grand champ

  19. goalmaster14

    I refuse to forfeit no matter how bad we’re losing. The experience playing someone better than you only makes you better at the game.

  20. I had a teammate start trolling in a game that we were winning after I flipped for boost instead of the kickoff.

    After pointing out he was sacrificing his own rank just to spite us he went on about stuff like “people like you dont deserve to win”. I wish Psyonix could just perma ban people like this, whats even the point.

  21. SparkingPhoenix

    This is happening in way too many games like rocket league and apex where if your team has a slight setback the game has to be over

  22. Rocket League might possibly be the most toxic game I’ve ever played. Can’t think of a game where my own team consistently wants to fuck me over if I mess up…

  23. St_Edmundsbury

    I’m a bronze newb and I never forfeit. I try to learn what I can during the beatdown

  24. Dude it’s stupid. Some guys are so used to getting carried that if you don’t carry them they straight up give up and stop playing. They won’t forfeit

  25. ADepressedUnicor

    I honestly don’t get why people can’t just play the game winning or losing. It’s frustrating as fuck when every second game you play your teammate gives up and become toxic chernobly waste when you make one mistake.

  26. Lol when diamond 1 people freak out over a whiff. Whiffs happen well into champion. Half the people in champ 2 still don’t know how to aerial properly.

  27. If my teammate does this in 2s I’ll see if me or my teammate sees an open net and right before the ball crosses for the tie I’ll accept the forfeit. Teaches them a lesson

  28. airborneferret

    Dude I recently fell from plat 3 all the way to gold 3 because people should not stop ff or throwing out of spite. The players were so toxic that week I felt like uninstalling the game for a few months

  29. dontdrinkonmondays

    **If your quit/disconnect percentage is above a certain number you should be banned from competitive play.**

    Happens in Plat 2-3 all the time. I had it happen *twice* yesterday in tie games. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  30. UnusedCoaster

    But they are up 2 with 4:30 left, there’s no hope…

  31. Ah good times. It that person be like nooooo so we all get toxic but still play while salty at each other.

  32. Whats really annoying is someone gets a few goals on me and types FF to me.

  33. 50% of rocket league players are toxic as fuck, even when you take a break and play CASUAL games.

  34. The weird thing about RL is that in essence it is a team sport, but a lot of players wouldn’t stand a chance in a real team sport. The ones who don’t know how to gell with other players and quickly decide that sport X is not for them, or are cut of the team because of their behavior. They usually start doing something in which they can solo, and gaming is that, a lot of the times. Yet RL is that weird gray area, solo yet team.

  35. PatheticShark

    Ive had teammates forfeit when the other team gets an equaliser.

    Like what the fuck is your damage m8

  36. josiah_holla

    I think the best feeling is when your teammate votes to forfeit and no one else does so that person leaves and you end up 2v3ing, working good rotations and using the space and end up winning

  37. SippycupStudios

    ye i don’t know how people come to the conclusion that quitting is better than taking a loss, but they do. when i was GC for a short while in standard, I can’t tell you how many times someone quit, whether it was my team or the other, where a goal was scored in the first minute and they couldn’t handle that shit for whatever reason. there’s still 80% of the game left i don’t know why you give up so early

  38. I once played in casual and we happened to win 7-1 while trying “more advanced stuff” (lol) from the wall and ceiling. We sucked pretty hard because we are Plat3/Dia1. One guy wanted to 1v1 me, I said ok why not, got inv to his party and he said over voicechat he had bloody knuckles from that game. An unranked game.
    Same day I showed a friend RL and we were leading in casual and the opponents forfeited. He had such a funny look on his face and said “cant we play something where people not instantly forfeit when theyre behind?”.
    I once played some games in 3s solo queue and as I got through the lower ranks, bronze, silver, gold for my ranking I noticed that everyone there was flaming. It was so funny to see because from my perspective in this case they had no understanding of the game at all but were still so arrogant about it. Like, the super slow silvers mobbing their mates for missing a save when nobody in the lobby can actually hit a ball. It is so absurd.

  39. SkyWalkerS13

    We were 3 goals ahead and enemy scored 3 goals in a row tie the game. My tm8 trying the ff. I was thinking “dude its 3-3 why would we ff?” And he was being toxic like spamming “what a save, wow”. We won in OT then he was being toxic against enemy. I was like “excuse me wtf?” Btw english is not my main language so i can make mistake easily feel free to fix my mistake.

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