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This needs to be a Pro Tip when entering a match

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  1. I mean its true af

  2. But then you run into teammates that don’t even touch the ball that you just set up and then proceed to lose the match

  3. I always get the teammates who stay in that half waiting for them to pull back so I can attack the ball then rotate out, but as soon as it looks like they are coming back they go back towards the ball and I creeped up because I expected to have a chance at the ball. Then the ball goes over my head and in the net. Then I get yelled out for not rotating. This is on 2s.

  4. Musty’s YT video on far post rotation should be required material for mid-high competitive play hopefuls.

  5. Big_Spicy_Tuna69

    And then you get 6 points in a game because the other two ball chasers won’t get off each other’s asses and one of them is super toxic by bringing up your 6 points every chance they get. Someone’s gotta stay back and make sure the ball neither one of you can score doesn’t come back into our net. Fuck.

  6. some how I always get teammates who just sit in the goal and do nothing until the ball comes to our side, like they expect me to score the goal on my own. I get it, there’s only two people so you’re worried, but that’s why we rotate

  7. This isn’t good advice, every play is situational. Sometimes I can attack the ball twice because I am the closest and moving away from the ball would simply give the opponent possession. The truth is… Most RL players just don’t have good situational awareness, that is why so many players with great mechanics are stuck in c2.

  8. captain_intenso

    Another good one: stop being all time goalie

  9. It’s 2v2. Why the hell would I trust my team mate? /s

  10. This tip is probably too advanced for anyone below champ 3. A more a appropriate tip would be to STOP TAKING THE DAMN MID BOOST PAD when you dont go for the kickoff

  11. Also when you’re rotating out be predictable and rotate down mid please. Don’t go back the way you came!

  12. novel_airline

    “Make sure to take yourself out of the play by getting your own corner boost when you have 50”

  13. MyLifeIsSatire

    I always thought they should update/just add a couple more tips as time goes on.

  14. Especially in 2s

  15. Isn’t this just rotation.

  16. So I have a question about this. If my teammates are overstaying their welcome but also then cutting rotation while I’m waiting on enemy team’s touches do I just keep waiting? When is it ok for me to cut in his was and go for it? Am I in the wrong for waiting? I feel it’s beneficial to wait on enemy touches so you can be sure on your challenge but I feel like people get the idea to challenge the ball before I’ve found the challenge I want and I get stuck in a loop of my teammates playing way faster than me and me just sitting in the back waiting for my turn.

    Should I sometimes just yolo for the ball even tho I know I’ll get beat?

  17. its never gonna happen, they will not listen

  18. My problem is that I rotate from attacking and then right into my net instead of staying near the midfield

  19. I couldn’t upvote this more than once so I hope Reddit silver will suffice.

  20. Elliot_c_beach


  21. PremierBromanov

    Ive gotten all the way to plat 3 with this mentality. I cant aerial for shit, but if you make a pass to center and then rotate out, good things happen.

  22. Teammates can’t be trusted tho [•_•]

  23. So true.

  24. In short, its called rotation and no one give two flying fucks about it. If you want to win games, rotate. If you want to look flashy and make cool goals, ball chase and lose games

  25. But… MUH +2 BALL TOUCHES!

  26. TheZigerionScammer

    I’ve always thought of it like a gun. Once you’ve taken a shot with the ball you’ve fired your gun and you have to reload. Either your teammate will follow up or your opponent will take possession, either way your only goal is to get back and either set p for another shot or get back on defense.

  27. I love what you’re trying to do and I hope it works. Sadly I don’t think it will. People love to touch the ball

  28. How about just a general awareness of where your teammates are? Looking at you Diamond I solo queue mates. Sometimes my strat is to just avoid my mates altogether and sweep…

  29. i see this all the time, and then when i type in team chat “please rotate,” boy oh boy they do not like that

    so then i just sit my ass in goal and say “feel free to chase, i’ll be back here”

  30. Feel this, but bro, I can’t even stay silver

  31. TheRealMrMaloonigan

    While we’re at it, how about “Don’t chase corner boost before the ball has been touched at kickoff.”

  32. Spacelevator420

    I have a friend who has just gotten into diamond (I’m in gold 3 and we started around the same time) and he’s getting more into the habit of never rotating out of the opponents half. Instead he relies on his natural skill and it works out very often. I want to tell him that he should rotate but it works so often and he’s a higher rank than me so I don’t have much to back me up

  33. If this isn’t obvious to everyone then they can stop playing

  34. Hit it and quit it.

  35. This is literally what pisses me off the most. I’ll wait for someone to take their shot and they miss horribly and stay in the corner trying to make a play, only to hit the ball to the side or backwards when I’m coming up for my shot at it.

    Like go back to the damn goal and defend, that’s why you’re in low gold.

  36. lol i play on xbox and PC. I am almost certain 98% of xbox players under champ do not know this. Every single game i have 2 tm8s turning on every single ball. its disgusting. No concept of setting balls middle for your tm8s and not trying to go for it themself. Constantly horrible touches or passes right back to the other team. Shit is a struggle on xbox.

  37. I’ve just become accustomed to being goalie 24/7 because I always have at least one teammate that rotates like a square wheel.

  38. Even if it was a Pro Tip, the PC player base would never see it

  39. It’s a bit wordy.. how about:

    If everyone’s on attack, there’s no one left to defend.

  40. MethodicMarshal

    Hi, can someone point me to a guide on RL strategy? I’m quite okay, can consistently hit anything in the air and can air dribble a bit, but I dont know how I’m supposed to “technically” play doubles.

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