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Spamming solved nothing, today deadly verdict was a victim of spam by fate gaming and their leader scythe. Please, get some help.

Fate gaming community

Recently our discord server and gaming community forums were spammed to a high degree. We had no idea why and who these people where, once we had noticed the spam it was too late. Our spam protection had already blocked the spammers, which is what lead fate gaming to join our discord server and flood there. Spamming their website link, discord join and hurling insults at DV staff.

In todays internet age spam is an old tactic, there are plenty of sophisticated preventions for this, any one of them makes it a none issue. Members who think this is some viable method to get what they want are delusional and I would hope they get help for their problems. E-mail, bulletin board, private message and now discord spam, plenty of tools exist to stop it and dvclan make use of these tools on our forums, blog and discord. There is not reason not too, you only put your self at risk of a preventable problem, whether it is from bots, marketing campaigns or just angry kids on the internet.

None of this got past our spam protection and they even failed our automated applicaiton process by spamming incorrect answers, so I guess the best anti-spam protection is an application system. I have no idea why they felt the need to at us like this, or what they hoped to acheive. But I hope they did acheive what they set out to, I hope their goals and asperations are fullfilled and they are doped up on dopemine.

There is one part of this I am unhappy about, after the spam had been delt with their (what i can assume) leader joined and claimed to have bought all avaliable domains using our name and would redirect them to their site. Im not bothered about this, hell if you want to blow money on domains to attempt ransom do ahead, your money. Thats what he did by the way, he attempted to force me to pay a ransom on the domains as if it was negatively affecting me in some way.

For the record, I calculated that they had spent over $100 to buy the domains, i hope the money was worth it, the domains have no metrics and no persons except yourself have any knowledge they even exist.

fate gaming spam flag

Fate Gaming, what a dumb name!

Stay away from Fate gaming community, spamming and attacking other communities does not help your self and only leads community like deadly verdict to talk about what you do. Warning other community and members not to join such a immature gaming community. Which is funny since they advertise themselves as a mature community, few words of advice, actions are much louder than words!

Now im not saying to go hate on Fate gaming and im not saying to go hate on the members, by the way they are going it feels like its not a lasting thing anyway. I only told this story because it was interesting, things I never though would ever bother me eventually do come back and effect you and it was just a strange experience.

Hell, I would like to thank you, if you did not do what you did, I would not have stayed up all night writting this post about your community. I’m sorry that you feel the need to attack other gaming communities because of your own misfortunes.

Fate gaming community spam blocked
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