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How to get into e-sports

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How to get into e-sports

If you’re able to get details about the industry, you can showcase your passion and your understanding of the sport as an industry and be more attractive to any sports organization. Some tips to get acquainted with eSports are to get fully involved in the culture. Watch live streams on Twitch and YouTube eSports tournaments on a regular basis. You can even benefit from getting to know some of the most popular eSport commentators and social media influencers.

Current and former professional athletes and even professional franchise companies make significant investments in their own esport teams. Mega-media sports networks like ESPN are already broadcasting tournament games. Make no mistake, the industry eSport is here and will soon be in the mainstream. If you are looking for tips on becoming a professional player, read our article on the 8 steps to becoming an eSports player.

E-sports stage


As the whole industry is relatively new, people are not sure how to handle it. Here are some tips and ways to make a career in sports. And while some people claim that it is not a real sport, there are studies that prove these facts and offer us the newly discovered benefits of an athlete in sports.

Within a decade, the sport has evolved from small Lan parties to huge arenas full of spectators and players. For many, the idea of ​​working in the esport industry is no longer an unrealistic dream, but a possible career path. If you want to get a job in Esport, you just have to have an idea of ​​what options are available.So take a look at our top job offers.

By 2020, billions in sales will be generated in the industry.The sky is really the limit with endless career opportunities for you in the world of sport. Before we answer this question, it is important to understand that the eSports industry is more than just an eye-catcher. The live streaming events on Twitch and YouTube from players around the world competing in successful video games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite are the final product.

One of the websites we run on ghostwhite is the largest esport job site, hitmarkerjobs.com, which offered 2,497 esport jobs in the first half of 2018. Our Phil Huggan, founder of ghostwhite, accompanies many in sports as someone who has experienced the scene when it was still undeveloped. In April 2011, he assisted in the conduct of EGL2, a sporting event in the UK. It really is a great thing to see how sports jobs develop into what they are now. The fasted way to becoming a proffesional e-sports player, is to join an online gaming community and build a team from there.

Deadly Verdict eSports Champions

In many countries, support for such tournaments has increased, thanks to the influence of South Korea in which sports stars are worshiped. South Korea is now a center for sports and proof that mainstream competing has a place in the modern world. A similar shift is currently being observed in the West, and special arenas are also being set up for sporting events.

In many ways, dealing with Esport does not have to be much different than engaging in a traditional sports marketing opportunity. One of the initial challenges of esport was that there were many independent leagues and teams and the structures of these organizations changed frequently. With this familiar structure, many traditional sports teams have fully embraced the promise of sport.

Most sports organizations are in a competition to establish their brands among new sports fans and to build a loyal following as quickly as possible. If you’ve already established your own brand and have a base of fans who love your job passionately, most eSports organizations will take the opportunity to get you on board. That’s because, if you’ve already built a strong relationship with your fan base, you’re likely to become a brand ambassador for the eSports organization itself, which is considered to be extremely beneficial and could make you an outstanding candidate.

Getting along these routes will give you an idea of ​​where you stand, and you’ll be able to experience the unique environment of a game tournament. Here’s a summary of tournament winnings to help make future applications available to eSports teams. In the beginning, most athletes participate in as many tournaments as they possibly fit into their schedule. First, you can make a name for yourself, and second, you can make connections in the industry.

It is important for every player to be part of a team or a wider community, so this is a great opportunity to socialize. In terms of networking, one of the options available is to attend an Esport training camp, such as a NSG summer camp in Philadelphia, offered by JKCP and hosted by Villanova University and Haverford College. It connects people in player communities with venues, hardware, tournament administration and broadcasting services. A summer camp organized by NSG and JKCP can help your child unlock his gaming potential, participate in tournaments, and learn about the specifics of the sports industry.

Amazingly, over the course of a year, more people are watching Esport competitions than the NBA finals, World Series or Stanley Cup finals. The Super Bowl is still leading the crowd, but eSports threatens to overshadow even the big game to attract attention.