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Rocket League Dropping Mac & Linux Support After Epic Games Acquisition

Psyonix, a gaming development company responsible for Rocket League, has announced that it will discontinue online multiplayer support on Mac OS and Linux.
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Rocket League Dropping Mac & Linux Support After Epic Games Acquisition

The news comes barely months after the company was acquired by Epic Games, a gaming developer responsible for the hugely popular survival game Fortnite. It’s not clear if the acquisition had anything to do with the decision to discontinue Mac and Linux support. But the timing looks very odd. The decision will take effect starting March this year and it seems to have caught fans around the world by surprise.

So, what does this actually mean? Well, it’s simple. Once the decision takes full effect, you will not be able to play online multiplayer games on Rocket League. You will still play with friends and family in front of a computer but let’s face it, it’s not nearly as exciting as the online multiplayer mode.

The new patch on Rocket League will also affect several other aspects of the game. For example, you will no longer be able to enjoy Online Matchmaking, tournaments, clubs, private matches, and a host of other important game features.


Additionally, Epic Games also noted shortly after the Psyonix acquisition that it will stop selling Rocket League on Steam. Instead, the game is expected to go to the Epic Games store. However, customers who already bought the game via Steam will continue to enjoy it. They will also get full support from Epic Games including patches, downloadable content, and any other support applicable to the game.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game that was launched in 2015. In less than 12 months after its launch, the game had sold over a million copies on Steam. It is a hugely popular game and the fact that support for Mac OS and Linux is going away has angered a lot of fans globally. First of all, the decision seems off since Rocket League was often seen as the perfect example of a cross-platform multiplayer online game.

Cross-platform gaming is a huge thing in the gaming world. The idea that you can play a game across different platforms could open new opportunities for game developers to maximize revenues and attract more players. For a long time, it looked like Rocket League was, in fact, attracting a lot of users due to its cross-platform capabilities. Removing support for certain platforms takes away a huge competitive edge, something that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Players furious with the decision and refund policy

It’s not clear what the grand plan for Epic Games is after the acquisition. The Fortnite developer, of course, has the resources and the infrastructure to make Rocket League even bigger. But taking way cross-platform support looks like a huge step back, and it will take some work to convince loyal fans that the acquisition means well for Rocket League.

As it turns out, some fans have been following these events closely and the anger is clear to see. In response, Epic Games announced that it will be issuing refunds for Mac OS and Linux gamers who had purchased the game via Steam.

But it doesn’t look like Epic Games is making good on its word. From some of the comments, we looked at on Reddit, a big share of users complained they had not received anything from the company. Initially, Epic Games noted that players who wished to get refunds should contact it directly for the way forward. According to Steam’s refund policy, players can only be refunded on two conditions. First, they must have played at least 2 hours of the game. Secondly, the purchase of the game must have been done not more than two weeks earlier.

The initial refund announcement from Epic Games decided to bypass these conditions and expand refund eligibility to more players. In essence, the game developer stated clearly that anyone who has ever played Rocket League via Mac and Linux was to be refunded.

However, things did not work out as planned. Epic Games even admitted in a Reddit post that the refund process had become a mess, apologizing for the frustrations caused to the gaming community in the process. The developer then urged gamers to contact its team once more for refunds to be processed.

But even after that, there were still reports that players were unable to get the money. We also noted that, in cases where some players were refunded, Epic Games refused to refund money spent on micro-transactions within the game. Items such a decals, wheels, vehicels and toppers which the developers listed these player will not have access too.

One rocket league player estimates a total of over 500 thousand players play the game on Mac and Linux, over half a million players will be refused access to Rocket League multipler features after the update. Half a million players, who just want to play the game they paid for along with their friends and enjoy escaping whatever is going on their life for a few blissful moments.

Beginning of the end for rocket league

The acquisition of Psyonix was supposed to be a new age for Rocket League. But it looks like the vision Epic Games has for the soccer game is entirely different from what most people thought. Ending Mac and Linux support is more likely to lead to a drop in player numbers but we will wait and see how things shape up.