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Fifty percent-Existence: Alyx at last has a release day

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Fifty percent-Existence: Alyx at last has a release day

Out in March on all Laptop-based mostly VR headsets.

Twelve several years after the start of 50 %-Lifetime 2: Episode 2, the around-unimaginable has happened the next instalment in Valve’s legendary collection – VR-only shooter 50 %-Daily life: Alyx – eventually has an genuine, proper launch date, and will be coming to Steam on 23rd March.

50 %-Existence: Alyx usually takes area between the first Half-Life and 50 %-Everyday living 2, casting players as the latter’s Alyx Vance as she mounts a key resistance towards the invading alien Mix.

It will mix exploration, puzzles, combat, and tale in the vein of the vintage games, with each individual component made to engage in to the strengths of VR. So significantly we have only witnessed snatches of the reportedly 15-hour expertise in official and off-display footage, but the blend of purely natural motion-dependent interactions – these as aiming, reloading, grenade-tossing, and doorway-opening – and beautifully atmospheric environments absolutely appears to be like promising.

A lot more unique (while significantly from exhaustive) VR manoeuvres incorporate the capacity for players to summon objects – these types of as explosive canisters – into their outstretched digital palms and toss then back again for additional innovative kills it can be even feasible to manhandle headcrabs limb-by-limb if that is the kind of point that can take your extravagant.

50 percent-Life: Alyx will be suitable with all Personal computer-based VR headsets when it launches on 23rd March, and Valve has promised it’ll present a nearer in-game glance prior to launch.

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