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There’s nonetheless a few months to go right up until Cyberpunk 2077 is able to burst forth from cocoon of its expanded development, but CD Projekt is already difficult at work feverishly quality the handle from the hype machine. Accordingly, it’s now provided a closer look at a couple of more Cyberpunk 2077 features – weapons and life paths – as part of the latest livestream.

Life paths are probably the most exciting with the two (unless most likely particularly partial to firing things), as these figure out how your time in Nights City will occur each play by, impacting both your place to start and how your individual adventure will advancement.

Cyberpunk 2077 functions three distinct life paths – those of Street Kid, Nomad, and Corpo – and each offers a very distinct origin story. Those that opt for Street Kid, for instance, have been raised in Night City, and are more than familiar with the criminal element bubbling away beneath the metropolis’ glitzy veneer, providing them with particular avenues and connections that might prove useful as the story unfolds.

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Nomads, meanwhile, are “outcast among outcasts” with a hunger for freedom, who’ve lived in the desolate desert Badlands beyond the limits of Night City. Those that opt for the Nomad life will begin their story outside the city; having left their clan, they’re now trying to get inside to make a new life for themselves. CD Projekt notes that other paths will still be able to explore the Badlands later in their adventure, along as they’re prepared for the dangers its holds.

Lastly then, are Corpos; these corporate stooges, members of the Arasaka Corporation, are at home in the boardroom rather than on the streets or out in the desert – but while that might imply a more sheltered, less resilient existence, they’re still able to leverage their business knowinstructionshow and other skills to forge their own distinct path.

CD Projekt says Cyberpunk’s “real RPG” focus means that life paths aren’t just about beginnings, and will remain important throughout the game, with each opening up different opportunities, dialogue options, and progression routes during missions. Should you wish to know more, there’s some introductory scene-setting for each life path in the video below.

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For its second livestream, CD Projekt also took some time to focus on the various weapons players will gain access to throughout Cyberpunk 2077, which roughly come in three flavours: melee, ranged, and cyberware – the latter being offensive body modifications, such as the razor-like Mantis Blade, punch-packing Gorilla Arms, and Projective Launch System.

The weapon focus for today’s presentation, however, was guns, which also fall into three categories. Power Weapons are described as being the most similar to contemporary weapons (although their bullets can ricochet off surfaces), while Tech Weapons use electromagnetic power to propel metal projectiles at extreme velocity, meaning they can punch through cover. Lastly are the Smart Weapons, capable of tracking targets in real-time, making it possible to hit an enemy while they’re hiding behind cover or even running away.

Keen to highlight Cyberpunk 2077’s RPG credentials further, CD Projekt stressed that RPG-elements will also tie closely to combat, explaining that protagonist V will grow more proficient over time as their rise to Night City legend continues. As such, skilled players can expect to utilise the likes of quicker reloads, more accurate aiming, and speedier movement.

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And outside of personal skill, weapons themselves can also be improved to better suit them to specific combat situations. Not only do they come in different rarities (legendary weapons might only be accessible by wrestling them out of specific NPCs’ cold dead hands, potentially making for some tough choices), they can also be upgraded in a variety of ways.

Modifications, for example, are visible attachments (think scopes and silencers) that offer advantages and more gameplay opportunities. Software Mods, meanwhile, are small chips which have the capacity to change the statistics of a gun – such as its accuracy, damage, fire range, and so on – once equipped. CD Projekt has broken out its weapons chat into a separate video above if you want to know more.

Today’s livestream, which also touched a little on Cyberpunk 2077’s music, is only the second to release so far, so expect plenty more info-drops to occur between now and the game’s Xbox One, PS4, and PC release on 19th November.