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Warning: that is the method in the direction of main spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5 – so cease right here if you have not seen the newest episode! 

The Mandalorian season 2 has had no scarcity of hyperlinks to the wider Star Wars universe. From Bo-Katan Kryze showing in Chapter 11 to Ahsoka Tano making her live-action debut in Chapter 13, Mando’s connection to the galaxy is barely rising. Now, we’ve discovered that two significantly sinister characters may very well be making a return.

First up, Ahsoka identify drops Grand Admiral Thrawn, an Imperial chief of strategic brilliance who first appeared in the now-defunct Legends continuity, then returned in Star Wars: Rebels and a trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn. 

The final time we noticed Thrawn, he vanished together with Ezra Bridger, the younger Jedi at the centre of Rebels. Ezra had a genius plan that concerned some enormous space-whales zapping himself and the Grand Admiral into lightspeed to an unknown vacation spot. The plan someway labored, and Ezra and Thrawn had been misplaced in house. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn

(Picture credit score: Lucasfilm/Disney)

Ahsoka vowed to seek out Ezra’s location, although it appears unlikely the pair will nonetheless be collectively in spite of everything these years. Possibly Ezra will probably be the Jedi who turns as much as meet Grogu – that is Child Yoda, in case you forgot his actual identify – on Tython, the planet Mando’s heading to subsequent? Hopefully, we’ll discover out quickly sufficient.

The subsequent villain referenced is a bit more obscure and would not get fairly such an apparent identify drop. We’re, of course, speaking about Darth Revan.

The villain initially appeared in the Legends continuity, which was later made non-canon when Disney purchased LucasFilm. The character was initially a Jedi who fell to the Darkish facet throughout the Mandalorian Wars. This battle introduced the Jedi and the Republic into battle in opposition to the Mandalorians – and, in the end, Revan turned away from the Gentle after being corrupted by the Emperor of the Sith (not Palpatine, one other one). This all occurred about 3000 years earlier than the occasions of the authentic trilogy – and none of it’s canon anymore.

Nevertheless, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visible Dictionary, written by Pablo Hidalgo, namechecks the character. It seems a legion of Palpatine’s military on Exegol, the Sith Everlasting, was named after Darth Revan. With Darth Revan formally present in the Star Wars universe, it seems the character may very well be on for making a comeback. 

Two references are made to Revan’s Legends previous in The Mandalorian. In these previous tales, the Sith Lord created an murderer droid referred to as HK-47. In Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, Mando comes up in opposition to “HK-87 murderer droids” who’re guarding the city. The HK-47 droids went after the Jedi and these HK-87s – which look precisely the identical – chase down Ahsoka. Appears removed from a coincidence.

In addition to the droids, Tython is talked about. The planet was as soon as attacked by the Order of Revan, a bunch inside the Sith who adopted Darth Revan’s teachings. It’s additionally the place the Jedi order originated in the previous canon.

As The Mandalorian continues its place in the wider Star Wars universe solely turns into clearer, and it’s thrilling to think about what may very well be coming subsequent. For now, take a look at our The Mandalorian season 2 launch schedule to be sure you don’t miss the subsequent episode.