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Coming to Computer and consoles later this year.Thunder Lotus Games, the Montreal studio guiding Jotun and Sundered, has released the first proper gameplay trailer for Spiritfarer, its forthcoming "cosy administration video game about dying".Spiritfarer casts players as Stellar, a ferrymaster to the deceased, charged with roaming the seas and fulfilling the last requests of

Activision is fighting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare struggle royale leaks with subpoenas and on line takedowns.Present day Warfare's impending fight royale, reportedly dubbed Warzone, is a single of the worst-kept secrets in all of online video games. When it stays unannounced, players have observed them selves unintentionally transported into its tutorial, and

Coming to Pc this summer.Target Household Interactive has unveiled a new cinematic trailer for Othercide, developer Lightbulb Crew's wonderfully moody change-primarily based tactical horror RPG.Othercide was initially unveiled early final 12 months, and it is an immediately arresting proposition - sporting a stark monochromatic aesthetic minimize as a result of with offended streaks of