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What are the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare perks? COD's Create-A-Class system always offers plenty of customization and bonuses to set your soldier avatar apart, and that hasn't changed for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This year COD returns with loadouts, new options to personalize your weapons, and of course, plenty of

(Image credit: Activision)Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare releases in Australia this Friday: October 25 to be precise. The 2019 reboot won't get a physical PC release in Australia, so if you were planning to visit a bricks and mortar on Friday morning, well, a) that's very unusual, and b) just don't.Actually, your choices

World of Warcraft's upcoming 8.3 update, Visions of N'zoth, introduces a long-anticipated new Allied Race to the Horde: The vulpera. These cuddly little desert foxes are nomads to the Vol'Dun region of Zandalar—as any player who has already completed Battle for Azeroth's main story will surely know. But like any Allied Race,

World of Warcraft's next major update was unveiled today in an 18-minute developer video with game director Ion Hazzikostas. It includes most of the expected features, including a new raid, new races, and plenty else—but one unexpected addition is a completely overhauled auction house system that looks to make trading with other