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Deadly Verdict vs Fate Gaming

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Deadly Verdict

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Fate Gaming

Deadly Verdict vs Fate Gaming

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all matches, latest results, upcoming matches 12th December 2019, 23:00

Fate gaming challange deadly verdict to a full on community match.

Fate gaming uses application spam, Its not effective, deadly verdict’s automatic application process prevents spam. Fate gaming proceeds to spam the gaming community forums with their branding, It is beating by spaminator and akismet at the same time. Oof, sucks to be fate gamers right now.

Deadly Verdict uses IP Ban it is very effective, forums look as good as new with nothing but regular activity. Fate gaming community attempts discord flood, it fails, miserably, poor them. DV Clan purges discord and the victory goes to Deadly Verdict. Woo Wooooo!

Fate gaming tried, but intelligence and preperation is what won this match for DVClan. If only Fate gaming through of a plan before they challanged deadly verdict and their in-place protections, this would have been a completely different ball game.

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