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DVClan vs DmgInc

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Damage Inc

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Deadly Verdict

DVClan vs DmgInc

0 - 1

1st January 2020, 12:00

Deadly Verdict and Damage Inc go head to head!

In the BLUE corner, DV

In the RED corner, DI!

Who of these 2 titans will will emerge victorious from the battlefield!

Representing Deadly Verdict:

  • tagKnife
  • Oreo
  • Thurston

And Representing Damage Incorporated:

  • GreatJackle
  • Xtreme
  • Egotistical

The two big D's battle it out!

We had a word with Deadly Verdict on their thoughts soo far.

We can tell you now, this will be a long fought battle and Damage Inc are worthy opponents!

Well, Deadly Verdict seems to be able to see into the furture, I sure hope they have plans to carry them through. Lets catch up with Damage Inc and see what they have to say so far.

We don’t care, we only want to pretend to be an esports organization, our players work for free and they perform like that. Remeber our Counter-strike team. I don’t, they were terrible players.

Wow, damage inc really bring in the negativity. We’ll keep you posted on this one folks.

Damage Inc has Shutdown!

Today, damage inc announced they are shutting down their community and esports teams. While today their members wake up to the announcement, they have a home here in DV Clan.

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