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Deadly Verdict
Rules and Conduct

While DVClan have no requirements to join, we do have requirements to stay in DV. While a member of DV, you represent the community in online multiplayer games and we expect your best behavour in and outside the community.

1. Recruitment

1. Public and Mass recruiting.

No public recruitment threads on (but not limited to), Reddit, Message Boards, Public Discords, Developer/Publisher websites, youtube, Steam posts/profiles/groups and most importantly spam.
Only Game Master or above can conduct public recruitment or members with written permission from their Game Master or above.

2. Be respectful.

Do not attempt to force people to join Deadly Verdict if they dont want to. Do not threatern, harrass, bully, pressure, tourement, extort, spam, abuse or be offensive in any mannor.

3. Provide relevant information

If you find someone to recruit, provide them with all the information they would need to make an informed decision for if they want to join or not. Like the website and forums link, your profile, information about the structure and other DV related topics.
Don’t say “Join DV” or something so basic a 12 year could write, no one wants to join a clan that can not form sentences, sell it like you’re selling a car for top price.

2. Community Etiquette

1. Be respectful

Respect your fellow community members, they are here to enjoy themselfs and play games.

2. No spamming

The forums are public and open for everyone so do not post meaningless posts, the same message posted multiple times, off topic discussion or derailing a discussion. Your ability to access the forums will be removed otherwise.

3. Inappropreate content

While a mature community, we do not allow the sharing or posting of, adult (18+), gorish, violant, criminal, political, religious, extremist, copyrighted images or videos

4. Personal and group insults

There will be no humiliation of a person of a particular gender, sexual orientation, religion, medical-related and other topics that are not of morality and decency

5. Personal identifiable information

Everyone has the right to privacy, do not post your own or another persons name, address, phone number, email or password. Forums are public and the information will reach far and wide.


Game Masters will take action on any other issue not covered by the above.

3. In-game Etiquette

1. Hacking/Cheating

It is forbidden to use or share information about ingame hacking, hacked clients, botting, illegal mods or any other unauthorized modifications disallowed by games.

2. Team damage and griefing

Do not purposefully kill, damage, block, push or expose postions of teammates in or outside of DV. We understand this can happen by accident and review the willingness of the act, not the act its self.

3. Gambling

Deadly Verdict does not allow gambling or betting of any kind.

Section Rules

1. Rule Override

No game section rules can override Deadly Verdict rules and conduct, If a game section rules confict with any of the above assume it null and void.
Game section rules are exclusivly an extension of the DV rules.

2. Section rules

A game sections rules will only apply within that section and members playing that sections game. A member playing a game can not be penalized for a rule under a seperate section.

All rule violations and reports will be handled by our gaming comminity staff and escalated appropriately to the chain of command. Clan leaders have final say in all matters and actions taken should not be questioned, contact a leader via PM if you wish to appeal a decision.